Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

In lieu of Father’s Day, I thought I’d give a little tribute to the men in my life. Everyone has stories of the various things that men do for them. Most recently, my husband, father and some of the men from church came and helped my family move. What an enormous blessing that was! With their help, they did in four hours what it would have taken us days to do.

So, what kinds of things do the men in our lives do to show us their love for us?

Fathers teach children to ride bikes and play ball. They wrestle and go hiking. Husbands watch chick-flicks with us on our anniversaries/birthdays and make us breakfast in bed on special occasions. Grandfathers love us and teach us with patience and love. They are always there for us and comfort us when we feel down or abandoned.

So the question begs to be asked, what do you do for them to show them your love?

For my dad:
I tell him how much I love him.
I bake his favorite cookies for him or give him his favorite candy.
I help him in every capacity that I am able.
I take my children over frequently to play with Grandpa!
I love my mom.

For my husband:
I tell him how much I love him every day!
I make his favorite dinner for special occasions.
I try to raise our children to be happy and intelligent girls.
I help him with projects.
I watch his silly movies (from time to time.)
I love him!

Obviously, my lists are not complete, but it’s good to take the time to think about what our dads/husbands do for us and how we, in turn, show them our love.

Happy Father’s Day!

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