Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loose Ends

I just wanted to drop a quick little note and tie up a few loose ends. I have just joined up with a group of CFI authors who started a blog. Today was my first day posting! How fun! I told the story of my journey to getting my book published. I don't know if I've shared it here or anywhere else before, so please, check it out and LEAVE me a comment! I always answer! I will post another entry on June 28th and every other Sunday after that. So make sure to follow me there too!

Also, the blog thing might be slow for me for a week or so. I'm closing on my house on Friday morning, (we finally sold it!) so life is a bit out of control right now! (As you can well imagine!) So, this might have to count as my post for a couple days until my life settles down! And when it does, I'll let you know what we're doing. For now, pray that I can get everything done in time!

If you haven't been keeping up on the summer treasure contest, here are the winners so far!

Day 1 - Terry Fleming of California
Day 2 - Phyllis Lamken of Idaho
Day 3 - Debbie Lambson of Utah
Day 4 - Gloria Lyons of Michigan
Day 5 - Wendy Steed of Idaho
Day 6 - Gayle Oreluk of Illinois
Day 7 - Heather Justesen of Utah
Day 8 - Valerie Bongards of Germany!
Day 9 - June Kirk of Arizona
Day 10 - Venetia Wilhelmsen of Arizona
Day 11 - Scott Duncan of Pennsylvania
Day 12 - Krista Darrach of Arizona
Day 13 - Ginny Romney of Arizona

If you haven't won or checked it out, you still have time. A different prize will be given out every day for the month of June. Make sure to check out the complete rules either here or on my web site and see what prizes are left! It's been lots of fun!
And just for something interesting... Last night we had a tornado warning. We don't get those too often, but it was accompanied by a pretty amazing lightning storm. (At least it was amazing if you like lightening storms. Me, I'd prefer to pretend they weren't really happening!) But here are a few pictures taken from the mountain. (No, I DID NOT take them! I'm afraid of storm, remember?)

Have a great week! And happy kissing!

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