Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bruce's Story

I just thought I'd share something I'd written today! This is the sequal to the book I've been working on the last several months.

“We found him! Ivy, we found him!” Sterling Bennett’s boomed as he stalked across the foyer of Bennett Manor.
“That’s wonderful!” Placing a paper in her book to mark her place she carefully rose to her feet. Her movements were hindered by her growing belly as she would give birth again within the next several months. “Where did they find him?” she asked as her husband wrapped his arms around her and kissed her soundly.
“At my grandfather’s estate in the Red Hills to the north.”
“Why would he be there?”
Sterling shook his head and laughed. “After some extensive research I discovered those lands were bequeathed to him as an inheritance upon my grandfather’s death. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.” He chuckled joyously. “To think, that was the one thing he never gambled away!”
Ivy smiled at her husband’s excitement. Sterling, his solicitor, and Johnny Dunlap had been looking for Bruce Bennett for three years. Why he should surface now was left a mystery. Perhaps with the younger brother’s reappearance, Sterling would find peace and be truly happy again.
“You’ll contact him?”
“Of course! I know neither of us were at our best when he left…”
“You were quite handsome that day, as I recall.” She straightened the collar of his shirt. He rewarded her with a sly smile and another lingering kiss.
“Nonetheless, we parted on difficult terms. I will write to him and let him know he is more than welcome here at Bennett Manor and request he come for a visit.”
“Do you think he will come?”
“Right away? No. Of course not! Bruce is too proud for that. In time, I think he may just come around.”
“What’s all the commotion?” a tired, grating voice said from a floor above.
“We found him, Mother! We found Bruce,” Sterling repeated with a smile as his mother appeared at the top of the stairs.
“They did? Where?”
“At Grove Manor up in the mountains.”Ivy expected her mother-in-law to be happy in this discovery but when she paled and fainted, Ivy screamed as the woman tumbled down the stairs and Sterling instantly darted up them to catch her.


Joyce DiPastena said...

Hey Rachel!
You probably don't even remember a suggestion you made when I asked ANWA Critique to help me brainstorm a problem I was having with my story about Acelet, but of all the suggestions that were made, yours was the one that kept niggling around in my mind until I finally figured out a way to use it. (I think!) So I've awarded you my Light Bulb Award on my blog in gratitude. You can see it at if you'd like. :-)

PS This was not the critique about my horse scene, BTW, but about how to maneuver Acelet to the Young King's court. I told you you probably don't even remember. LOL!

Krista Darrach said...

How much of this have you written and *ahem* when do I get to read it? *BIG GRIN*
Been going through Ivy/Bennett withdrawl. =)
Is Ivy screaming from excitement as the old woman falls tragically? I'm just kiddin! Not Ivy... she would never do that- us as readers... well that's another story! he he he

I really like it and seriously can't wait to read it.

Rachel Rager said...

Oh, Krista! I definately needed that commnet today!!!! I haven't written much, I'm finishing up with Ivy and Sterling. But I'll write more soon. I promise! Thanks for your faith in me.
And JOYCE!! Oh, my goodness!! Thanks you! I do not concider myself great with advice. I'm blown away that you thought I was so helpful! Thank you!