Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mummy and Ghost Review

I recently read Kerry Blair's Mummy's the Word. I loved the spacey little detective in training who tumbles into all sorts of trouble. Samantha Shade is acting CEO for her uncle's investigation company while he's on vacation. She is hired to do a couple different jobs, one of which is to protect a mummy, which she looses. She also runs into Thom Casey who's reluctant to help her out, mostly due to the charges she filed against him. But once they smooth things out, they must discover who's trying to frame and kill them both!

All in all, it was a funny story and an easy read. Worth the time if you need something light and entertaining.

The next book in the Nightshade series is Ghost of a Chance. Now, I actually read this one first. (Perhaps that's why I liked it a little more.) I really liked the relationship that developed between Samantha Shade and Thom Casey. The story was cute too. The characters develop more in this book than the last one and the story line is a little easier to follow. An old catholic church is in ruins and is said to be haunted. Samantha is hired to find the ghost but instead gets caught in a whirl of unexpected mishaps. Bodies are being stolen from the morgue next door and death threats are being issued. Still, Sam throws precaution to the wind as she tries to solve the mystery with help of Thom Casey.

Definitely an enjoyable read. I'd recommend either of these books as they are clean and quite entertaining!

Happy Reading!

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