Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodies Control Traffic Lights

Why is it that whenever I seem to be running just a couple minutes late, I get all the lights red? You know those days when you try to squeeze just a couple more minutes out of an already action packed day? I’ve been having more and more of these lately.
The other day, after I dropped the girls off at school at 8:30 am, I went home and exercised. I took a shower, did my hair and make-up, made dinner, and barely had time to eat a bite before running out the door 2 minutes later than normal. Just TWO! I personally thought that was pretty good.
Then, of course on the drive into town, I happened to hit every single light just after it turned red. ANNOYING! If that wasn’t enough, everyone else in town seemed to be driving somewhere, too. Now I understand that I am the only person alive who has anywhere to be at 11 am, but come on!
On top of driving slow, everyone must have thought the roads were too slick or something. You’d think that living in a state that entertains winter for nine months out of the year would ensure that the people who lived here would know how to drive in less than prime conditions. Apparently not.
At any rate, besides the obnoxiously slow drivers on the not very slick roads, and the strangely absurd amount of people, as well as the poorly timed lights, I’d say the drive was quite pleasant. Of course, due to all these elements I clocked in LATE! And if you know me, that is NOT a cool thing. Ugh.
Days like that drive me batty. You’d think that traffic lights should be timed to your schedule and know when you are running behind so they can help you get to your destination on time. Wouldn’t that be nice? But then you’d be dealing with electronics that could gauge what people are thinking and feeling and you’d get the I Robot thing coming to life.
As it happened, the next day wasn’t a whole lot better. You’d think I’d learn my lesson. But no. It was laundry day, and I wanted to see just how many loads I could do BEFORE work.
It could be argued that I need to get up earlier and exercise so that I have more time in the mornings, but then you’d be cutting into my sleeping time. And I’m one of those people who really needs 8-9 hours of sleep (no matter how lazy my husband thinks it makes me.) I could also go to bed earlier, but when else would I have time to write, read, or visit with my husband, or make tasty treats to snack on and make me fat so that I continually battle against weight gain? See? Tasty treats make my posterior larger than life, my obesity results in the need to exercise, resulting in my getting stuck at red lights.
So, perhaps we can blame the slow traffic and red lights on my addiction to cooking.

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Dean Lorimer said...

Doesn't it always seem to work that way? Drives me absolutely nuts.