Friday, March 2, 2012

Crown Duel

Today's review is of Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith.
Editorial Review: A girl in Remalna traditionally spends her Flower Day being feted, dancing with friends, and celebrating her passage to womanhood. Countess Meliara spends hers on the front lines of a war. She and her brother promised their dying father to free Remalna from the oppressive rule of Greedy Galdran and to preserve the vital Covenant with Remalna's aloof, unhuman Hill People. Courageous, stubborn Meliara, honorable and sharp-tongued, is determined to win or die fighting, and her hardships, uneasy alliances, and fondness for daring (foolhardy) tactics make anxious, unstoppable reading. My Take: This was a fun and interesting YA book. I enjoyed the adventure and the twists. Mel's brother, Bran, always says what's on his mind and is blatantly honest, which is fun. This is an easy read and very clean. I would willingly allow my daughters to read this book. There is no romance in it, but as it's only book one, you have to read it to discover the good stuff in book two!

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