Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year's Bath

It's New Year's Eve and people will visit friends, go to parties, and generally have a good time! So, as I was going about something to write, I debated between writing resolutions and...well...writing resolutions. What else do you write about this time of year?
Then I came across a picture and had an idea. I'd tell you a story.

I once went to a party at a club in the city on New Year's Eve. My friend, Julie, and I were bored and looking for a good time. Though, I don't recall the name of the club, I do remember the events. We had a couple sodas and danced the night away. We saw a few of our friends from work, but they were distracted so we moved on.
Late into the night, we met this guy. His nose was straight, and his eyes were kind. But his facial hair took all attention away from any other perfection he possessed. His beard was long and scraggly, and who knew what it might have housed. Bits of cracker and something green clung to the fuzzy mass.
He introduced himself as Mark, and we tried to slide away. Not only was his beard home to many midnight snacks, he moved remarkably fast and blocked our path. We turned, and he somehow positioned himself between us and our escape. I thought we were trapped. I looked behind us and other unsavory characters had converged around us, all smiling.
I looked up. The disco ball loomed over my head.
The people around us must be drunk. They continued to point upwards and laugh.
I wondered if we crawled through their legs if we could get away.
Then the countdown began. 10, 9, 8...
I dropped to the floor and a set of hands lifted me back up. I stared into the face of Mark and flinched backwards. He smelled as sour as he looked. A good bath would do him good.
7, 6, 5, 4...
Julie grabbed my hand and launched us into the crowd, but they pushed us back. We were stuck.
3, 2, 1...
Everyone screamed! I felt something ooze over my shoulder. There was too much of it to be slobber. I looked up and saw...

Happy New Year!!

(Please remember, I write fiction! However, this picture inspires all sorts of stories. Can you think of one?)


Rebecca Irvine said...

Looks a bit crazy! But fun ;-).

Happy New Year! I hope 2011 is as great for you (& even better) than 2010. :-)

Rachel Rager said...

It actually does look like a lot of fun!!! :) I wonder where it was.