Friday, April 3, 2009

By Love or By Sea - Give Away!

“I did think of you while I was at sea, Alice. So many times I’d try and imagine what you’d look like all pretty and grown up.”
“You really expect me to believe that?”
Caleb's free hand brushed a loose strand of copper hair from her face, “Yes. And I want you to think of me the way I’ve been thinking of you. Can I kiss you?”

I love the idea of a sweet, wonderful, passionate kiss!! Actually I find that many women do! So, here's the thing. I want to give away a free copy of By Love or By Sea. So post me a comment and tell me your favorite kissing experience or tell me about your first kiss. If you've never experienced that yet, don't rush into it! Just tell me what your ideal kiss would be. Don't forget to set the stage! The deadline for your kiss stories is June 1st! So, don't delay. I'll pick my favorite story and send you a free, signed copy of my book! And if you have a Goodreads account, I'm giving a few books away there too. So sign up in both places!


Dean Lorimer said...

Well, my first kiss was quite an adventure! I was 18 (yes, that really was my first official kiss) and I was dating Micah. We had been dating seven and a half months, and I just hadn't felt ready to kiss her. On Valentine's Day, I decided it was finally time to break out and try it. We went on a date that night. As I went to drop her off, I knew that the time was ripe...but I was nervous! So, I stalled...and stalled...and stalled. We talked in the car for about an hour before she finally said she had to go inside. I told her to wait, and to boost by courage, I circled the block in my car. After another stalled fifteen minutes, I said, "So, I guess I'm probably supposed to kiss you right now." She had obviously been waiting for that moment and told me that would be nice. More to buy time than anything, I asked her how I was supposed to do it. Here is the conversation that followed, according to my memory:

"So, how do I do this?" I asked.
"Well," she said," you just sort of lean in and go for it."
"Go for WHAT?!" I sputtered.
"Well, just close your eyes and kiss me."
I think Micah was getting frustrated at this point. "Just relax and kiss me." She leaned in.
I have no idea why I freaked out, but I decided to buy more time. "What do I do with my hands?"
"Ummm..." She was obviously not prepared for that comment. "Anything you want to."
"I don't have to do anything with my tongue, do I?" I asked.
"Not this time," she replied. (And just for the record, I have STILL never kissed with tongue utilization.
Well, at this point, I had no more stalling to do, so we kissed. Let's just say, the evening was probably one of the most awkward of my life! Well, hope you enjoyed!

Amy said...

LOL Dean, that was hilarious. Was it supposed to be?

Here's mine and I hope I win!

I have kissed a lot of boys. I enjoy kissing, I like to think I'm good at it. But there is something about the first kiss, after being married to someone you know you will be with for the rest of eternity that makes all the other kisses disappear from your memory. There is something possessive about kissing those lips and knowing that you will always want to kiss only those lips. The kiss becomes an intimate symbol of fidelity and an outward expression of the passion that is boiling just under the surface.

So the first kiss after our vows were said over the alter was my first real kiss. It was the first of many real kisses. There have been kisses of passion, kisses of comfort, and those routine, but sweet and tender kisses of acknowledging a hello or a goodbye. And all these kisses plus all the future kisses have built upon the foundation of this one kiss that was and is the purist kiss I've ever experienced. And I feel fortunate that I get to continue to build on that love everyday (and sometimes many times a day). For to me, a kiss is the most basic form of communicating love that exists in the world. Plus a good kiss still makes my stomach flutter and my heart race!

Barb Cook said...

Ok I thought about this and this one certain kiss keeps coming to mind that I thought I would share. This kiss actually took place at mine and Clint's wedding. When we were first married, I was a member of our church but he wasn't, so we chose a mutual ground to be married at and we were married at I Do I Do Wedding Chapel by a female Reverend (can't remember her name but I can still picture her to this day). During the cermon, I had made a concious effort to listen to every single word that was going to be said so that I would remember it, and take my vows seriously. It only made sense that I had to pay close attention if I was going to agree on these things. Right? Ok, so I was listening closely, looking mostly at the reverend to be sure I was soaking all this in right, when the time came for us to exchange vows and rings. I looked at Clint, and he was red in the face, his eyes were wet from tears, and I distinctly remember his adam's apple going up and down. I thought "Wow, he is really touched by this" It only took a few seconds to realize that he was LAUGHING!! Clint and I both have this "issue" that when we're nervous or in a sticky spot, we laugh,even if it's really not funny.... it's a nervous thing.....unfortunately we both share it. When I realized that he was laughing, I lost control and broke out laughing too, we were both trying so hard to get control, I looked at my mom and she was shaking her head "no" at me. I looked at my sister who was standing by me and she was looking down, I looked at my friend standing up with me and she too was shaking her head "no" at me. This only made things funnier to me. The Reverend actually STOPPED the wedding so Clint and I could get control of ourselves. By this time, I decided I couldn't listen to what she was saying anymore and from here on out, we just needed to get through it. We exchanged rings, said our I Do's and when it came time to kiss eachother, we started laughing again, we couldn't even lock lips. We knew we were in for a journey and that it has been so far. Although it's not a mooshy story, that kiss for sure is the one that always sticks out in my mind the most.

Krista Darrach said...

In an effort to set the stage, I have to back up 2 years before THE KISS…. (It's long Rachel, but then again I don't don't do anything in moderation! LOL)

His name was Jim; he fell in love with me at first sight. I on the other hand did not in any way shape or form, have an attraction to him. We had several mutual friends and therefore spent a lot of time in the same circles.
Jim was always upfront about his feelings. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you. I know it.” These are the things he would tell me. I of course thought he was crazy, and had no problem voicing this to him.

He dated a lot of girls; a lot of girls dated him. We began to hang out. We met for lunches, had dinner’s and even swam in the pool. It was casual we were just friends.

On one occasion we went to dinner, then to a movie. I repeated several times, “This isn’t a date”. I tried to pay for my dinner, and open my own doors. I asked him to stop looking at me THAT way, my tone was serious, not encouraging. He drove me home, walked me to the door. I felt my stomach sink, my heart pounded.
“Can I have a kiss goodnight?”
“NO! Jim this isn’t a date, and you know I don’t feel that way about you.”

Fast Forward…..2 years later…

The arrow made its way through my heart around the first of June. It was in a quiet swimming pool, we were playing around. He swam toward me, I was much quicker then he was, but he was stronger. He caught me, I looked into those deep blue eyes and it was then that I felt the penetration of the arrow. I would never be the same.

I fought the feelings for Jim for 2 weeks. He wasn’t my type, I’d never liked him, but he was always there. He always showed up whenever I needed someone. He loved me for exactly who I was.

It took days to plan it. I was terrified. We arrived at the restaurant, my heart was pounding, I couldn’t stop smiling. He asked me over and over if I was okay. We placed our order and I reached in my purse and held the envelope. I swallowed hard, closed my eyes and handed it to him.

“What’s this?” he asked in complete oblivion
He opened the letter, his cheeks flushed and his eyes danced as he read the words that could not pass beyond my lips. He beamed almost angelically and put the letter down.
“Does this mean I can kiss you now?”
I nodded.
He leaned forward; his warm hand slipped through my hair and pulled me toward him. Our lips met, it was electrifying and time stopping.
That was seventeen years ago….and he was right…He is spending the rest of his life with me…thank goodness!

Valerie Ipson said...

My first kiss was when I was 17. Back then (waaay back) it was all about NOT kissing on the first date. Well, I went on a first date with a guy, and on my doorstop at the end of the evening, he says, May I have the privilige of giving you a kiss?" Besides controlling the urge to bust out laughing, I was a little miffed. How was I supposed to say no to that--No, you may not have the privilige of giving me a kiss. I was uncomfortable at the thought of having to say that, so I said yes. So much for being strong and holding my ground against the dreaded "first date" kiss!

Rachel Rossano said...

My first kiss was given to me by my husband. We (Greg and I) were in NYC on St. Patrick's Day meeting up with my best friend. It was cool and breezy as we traveled around the usual sights. Near the end of the afternoon only hours before we had to catch a bus home to CT, Greg takes my hand and says that he wants to take me somewhere alone, just the two of us. We say good by to our friends and headed off on our own with plans to meet them later. Greg led me down the streets and through crowds until we reached Central Park. The Saint Patty's day parade was marching past and just as I was saying, "I don't think we should cross here," he pulled me out into the street. We ran across between marching bands and onto the opposite sidewalk. Once there, he hired a horse drawn carriage for a ride through the park. After a while of enjoying the early spring view of the park, Greg got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes. And then he kissed me, my first kiss. It was sweet and full of promise. Then he slipped the too-small ring on my finger. It fit because my hands were cold, and we snuggled and watched the world go by. Greg and I have been married for over ten years now and his kisses are still wonderful and precious no matter the context.

Margaret said...

Well I've only kissed a few boys! LOL! But the kiss I remember was the first time I kissed my husband to be (only I didn't know it at the time!). I got all fluttery and warm and was giddy for days! LOL! Not much of a story but there it is! We still weren't married until six years later and we haven't stopped kissing yet! LOL!

♥ cheri said...

I've loved reading these kissing stories. Now let you tell me mine.
First, my two best friends and I made a pact in 2004 that the first of us to get a kiss would owe the others Coldstone icecream. Well, fast forward to 2008 and we were all still going strong in our "Coldstone pact". Then, Kamilla got her first kiss. Naturally, I was a little excited because I was no longer in a pact, which means I could kiss someone and not have to pay for it. But the joke between us three was always "Is he worth the money in icecream?"
So that summer, I got my first kiss. It was magical. That winter, I got my second (it wasn't so magical). But, it's the kiss I just received a week ago that makes me flutter inside and puts a mile-wide smile on my face.
I met Scott in February 2009 at a college orientation, but we only said hello. I regretted that I didn’t get to know him, but was thrilled when he added me as a friend on Facebook (unromantic at the moment, yes). We started talking online, and eventually on the phone. I would always get butterflies when he called me and luckily, he enjoyed talking to me too!
Our first and second dates were a blast, but let me skip to the third (don’t want to keep you reading the unexciting parts).
I went up to his house, which was about 45 minutes away. I couldn’t wait to see him, even though I’d seen him a week before. My mom was nervous at me driving “all the way up there” and so he met me about halfway.
He gave me a tour around his little town; we made cookies, and just had fun dancing around the kitchen to our favorite songs from a mix that he made me.
As the night wore on, we decided to go to a local park and look at the stars, which were amazing since he lived in the country. We went and sat on the swings for a little bit. One of my favorite things he does is just holding my hands when we walk places. Sorry, off-topic.
After swinging, we sat on a blanket and just looked at the stars. Normally we can talk for hours, but we were just sitting in silence, and that was completely ok.
I’m winding down my story, don’t worry. It had been at least a half hour that we’d been sitting there, just holding hands and enjoying being with each other, when we looked at the time.
Wow! We needed to leave so I could get home on time. It was 11:11. Apparently some people haven’t heard of the famous (or not-so-famous, apparently) connotation with that time- “It’s 11:11, make a wish!”
Well, whenever we’d be on the phone at that time, we’d both make wishes. So, it was no different that night.
He once told me that his wishes were just “general things”. After making my wish, and I’m guessing you know what it was, I said, “Well, I would ask you your wish, but you just wish general things.”
With his smile making my stomach flutter, he replied, “This one wasn’t.”
I about died! For the next ten minutes, he asked me if I really wanted to know his wish. I would reply yes, but I was so nervous that an occasional “no” would stumble out. Then he would ask, “Ok, now or later?”
When he finally got enough courage (he told me he was very nervous because he wasn’t sure what my wish had been), he leaned in and just gave me a simple kiss. It was short, but I could not stop smiling.
Afterward, he simply said, while helping me up off the blanket, “Well, I got my wish.”

Anonymous said...

I have a funny almost-first-kiss experience! Okay, well, it was both funny *and* sweet. :)

I was a junior in high school, and I was big-time crushing on one of the guys in my ward. I asked him to go to the junior prom (cudos to me for being brave!) and we had a great time. We were lucky enough to be good friends first, so no awkward moments.

Until after.

My best friend at the time, Fran, who was a senior, volunteered to play the part of our chauffeur for the evening. She borrowed her dad's fancy Cadillac, wore a black pantsuit, and even borrowed a very chauffeur-like hat. Fran, me, and this guy hung around together at school a lot, so the arrangement was fun!

But on the way home--you guessed it. Major butterflies. Would he kiss me? Would he not? I was terrified he would. And terrified he wouldn't.

Then, about a mile from my house (my lovely chauffeur was taking me home first), a familiar song on the radio started to play. I about swallowed my tongue. Want to guess what it was? "Kiss On My List" by Hall and Oates. EEK! I glanced up into the rear view mirror and spot Fran's eyes staring back at me. She heard it. Did my date? I probably looked as if I were about to faint dead away.

Oh, the mortification! The horror! ...the anticipation. :)

And just for those of you who want to know, yes, I did get that kiss. A sweet, tender kiss. The only trouble is, I don't remember much more about it than that. But I will always remember that blasted song coming along in an untimely fashion on my drive home from my junior prom.

I wonder if my date ever noticed. Or remembers... :)


Barbara B said...

My story about a special kiss is a little different. My first kiss with my husband was the sparks flying kind that makes you want more. But the kiss I will always remember is when I kissed him goodbye and vowed to meet him beyond the veil. I look forward to our kiss again.

Debbie said...

A favorite kiss of mine was my first at age 13. It took me another year to get a 2nd and it was with the same boy. We had been "going out" for a few months and several times a week we'd just go on walks (since we couldn't drive) around our neighborhood. We both knew we wanted to kiss each other so we told our best friends who told each other who told us we both wanted it. Sheesh.
He called me after school and asked if I wanted to go on a walk. When we met on the sidewalk we both knew it was going to happen this time (we'd tried the day before and chickened out). After an hour or two of walking it was pretty dark and time for us to go home. We sat on my porch for another 30 minutes or so and finally he said he had to go--we were both waiting for the other to make the move. I stood up to walk him to the end of my driveway but I live on a busy street so we ended up on the side of my house in less view of the street. It was electrifying and we could both feel it but neither of us knew how to break that invisible space barrier. Finally he says to me, "So uhm, should I lean in or should you?" I was so nervous I could hardly speak and I think the "I dont know" sound came out. Then ever so slowly he leaned in and we kissed. For a good 7 seconds. Just a sweet, no lips moving, totally first time, little crush kiss.

Rachel said...

Thanks to everyone who entered!! These stories have been lots of fun to read! I'll post the winner on Tuesday. So if you have friends who want to enter, tomorrow is the last day to get them in! Happy Kissing!

Beverly G said...

My first kiss happened when I was 12 was a sweet kind of kiss he held my hand leaned in sofly pressed his lips to mine I discovered I liked it so I leaned in to him kissing him back just as softly was a sweet and innocent kiss. For me the best kind of kiss is the one from the person who cares about you the soft passionate no one but you two kiss is just awesome .

if i win

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