Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Romance

Today's Wednesday Romance is a bit different. But I hope you will still enjoy it.

I would like to start out with a confession. (And I don't make them often, so try not to judge too harshly!)

Usually after I've read the first little bit of the story and know how its set up, I jump to the end of the book. I skim the last page. (*gasp!*) I need to know who the girl is going to end up with!

Call it dishonest, unethical, or anything else, but when I'm reading a book, I have to cheat!!! I HAVE to know what's going to happen before I get there. I don't have to know all the ins and outs and twists and turns. But I HAVE to know how it ends and that it ends WELL!!

Does that make me barbaric? My sister always use to tell me it was a terrible thing to do. Someone once said that I shouldn't ruin the surprise. And honestly, sometimes I don't. But usually, (shrug) why should I read it if it's not going to live in a happily-ever-after? And honestly, I love to surprise others, but I'm not really into being surprised myself.

Some of you, I know, disagree entirely with my logic. So you should probably stop reading NOW!!! For the rest of you (and some of you will say I'm barbaric, but you know you skim and page jump occasionally anyway) the rest of you may read to the end of this post. This is the last page of my VERY FIRST EVER novel. (Don't tell me how horrid it is. I know its rough.) Still, I bet this will intrigue you a bit. If nothing else, you'll want to know who all these people are!


If you've read By Love or By Sea, you will recognize some of these names!

So here it is. The LAST page of From Fields to Castles. ENJOY!

“I knew the first time I saw you that you’d marry Lawry,” Jacob bragged.
Lawrence raised a keen eyebrow. “I thought you were hoping to marry her yourself.”
“Well, at least now she’ll be around so I can stare at her anytime I want.” Jacob teased earned him a light punch on the arm. He smiled down at Maggie before sweeping her into a dance.
Lawrence and Lillian had been married for about a month, and Lillian still had a difficult time feeling at home in the Palace. But she had never been happier. When they married, they had a small wedding and invited close family and friends. But tonight was a party for the kingdom to celebrate their union.
Everyone Lillian knew was here tonight, and people she had never met before too. Augustus was feeling better although the doctor told him he still needed to be careful. Grace was desperately trying to keep tabs on Caleb, who was having the time of his life hiding from his mother, chasing a little red haired kitchen girl, and eating as much food as he could. Thaddeus and Adelaide were there as well and Lillian hoped they’d find happiness together.
“I’m so happy for Jacob.” Lillian sighed. “I think perhaps now he’s found a girl who is truly worthy of him.”
Lawrence smiled. “He’s a lucky man. But I don’t think anyone could be as lucky or as happy as me. I’m dancing with the most beautiful woman in the room!”
“You flatter me!” Lillian blushed. “But that’s probably why I love you so much, my handsome prince.”
“I love you, my sweet wildflower. More than words can tell.”
His lips met hers in a passionate exchange. She was rendered blind and deaf to all around her as he wove an intoxicating spell over her with the promise of an everlasting love and endless days of dreamy kisses.


Freyja Colborn said...

I love it. And I will admit I feel the need to jump to the back of the book occasionally as well. My daughter caught me doing this once and thought I was crazy but I just laughed at her. I am glad to see I am not the only crazy one in this world.

Jolene Perry said...

Okay - I totally sometimes jump to the end, just to see...

I ALWAYS jump to the end when the book is dragging, like - if those two don't get together, I'm not wasting my time :)
On a side note - I just signed with Cedar Fort and visit here WAY more often than I leave comments. I know, I know...
But I thought it would be better if you knew I was "lurking" than not popping in at all ;)

Rachel Rager said...

Thanks, Jolene! I'm glad to know you enjoy visiting me! Congrats on your contract! That's exciting! I'm dancing for your! Whoop whoop!

Rachel Rager said...

Freyja, you are not the only crazy here! I'm glad to know I'm not either. We can stick together with our craziness! :)

amber said...

Hey! The code didn't work, website said it was expired, any ideas?

Rachel Rager said...

Amber, Thanks for letting me know! I typed one of the letters wrong because I can't read my own handwritting! :p I fixed it. The code FZ79D should work! Sorry for the headache!