Friday, September 17, 2010

For Starters...

I've been being Mom, student, and wife. This leaves little time for writing anything new. (Oh, and I've been reading. That's a time-sucker! But I LOVE it!!) I'm still working on my fantasy, which has taken a new twist. The king, he's a piece of work! At least he took me by surprise. :)

This is my original beginning to the story.

That was a good way to describe my existence.
I made no money at my job. I hated my classes. But what choice did I have? My jobs weren’t going to get any better until I graduated. Although, my dad claims that even then, sometimes life sucks.
Great. I can’t wait.

I decided that this might be another interesting way to start it. However, it would be a different place in the story, and I may have to do some flashbacks. So we'll see.

I sat alone in the room. The cool air chilled my skin. I shivered. There was nothing to look at but the concrete walls and floor. The rope binding my hands to the chair, dug into my wrists.
Wriggling and twisting my hands, I endeavored to free myself. Jumping did no good, as the chair was nailed down.
A noise sounded in the hall. My eyes darted to the door.
Voices. Male
The handle jiggled. The door opened.
I closed my eyes at the onslaught of light that filtered through the dark room.

Fun, huh! I want to see what happens!!! I wrote it while waiting for class one day. VERY intriguing!

Here's the opening to another Wednesday Romance series I have in mind for the first of the year!

Make believe.
Something I was never any good at.
Sketches. Drawings. Visuals.
Those I can wrap my head around.

I don't know. We'll see. At any rate, my thoughts keep me company and never give me a dull moment.

Happy Kisses!

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Jolene Perry said...

I love it when my characters take me by surprise.