Friday, September 10, 2010

Alone Tonight, Always the Same

I am still laughing!! I just wrote this poem for my class. Now remember, I am not a poet.
The assignment was to write a Neo-formalism poem in any form I want. A Neo-formalism poem uses contemporary language and situations, while following traditional forms of poetry. The form I chose to use is a Villanelle. This is a tricky poem to write because it repeats lines over and over, but in a very specific order. However, because of the repetition, it always makes the narrator sound obsessed. I am not obsessed about many things and I wanted to try it, to see how I would sound if I was obsessed about something. I chose the Villanelle because, honestly, I liked the word! :) Then I asked my husband a topic to write on and he suggested his video games. So, this is the result.

Alone Tonight, Always the Same
by Rachel Rager

Alone tonight, always the same,
I sit and write my poetry about
My husband and his game.

He sits on the couch with a soda, nice and tame,
Along with the dog; what a pair.
Alone tonight, always the same.

I wonder if it’s Halo, or God of War. Who’s to blame?
Does it really matter?
My husband and his game.

Perhaps I should find a new hobby, one that’s not lame
Like painting, or yoga.
Alone tonight, always the same.

But then if I did design something, anything to frame,
Could I put it in front of the TV to block
My husband and his game?

Alas, I sit here, with only a computer to hold my claim.
I sit here with my poetry.
Alone tonight, always the same.
My husband and his game.

Kind of fun, huh!!! :)

~Author's Note: I really don't have a problem writing while my husband plays his video games or watches football! :) When else am I going to write?

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