Friday, May 4, 2012

Dedicated Undeniably to You

Today's review is Dedicated Undeniably to You by Samantha Chandler.

Back Cover:
Fate has plans for Lord Christopher Jared, the future Duke of Darenth. Although he proclaims that the notions of love and marriage are truly lost on him, the time is drawing near when his resolve will be put to the test. He will soon learn that the contractual obligation to marry as established by his father will not be what changes his life. What will alter his world will be the force of his own heart that has willingly underestimated the power of falling in love happily ever after.

My Take:
This was a fun story. I enjoyed the journey the characters took in this story. Of course, I love a good romance, and this was nice and clean. The characters were fun to follow and this is one that had me thinking about it after I turned the last page.

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