Saturday, July 10, 2010

Results are In!

I'm so glad everyone is liking the Wednesday Romances!!! It was an experiment! I'm glad it worked. I've never written in first person before, so it was an exercise I wanted to try. And I'd had that dream and I have a hard time putting stories to sleep until they are on paper! (or the computer screen)
If any of you have seen my website, you know that I have a reading room. I'll probably put this up there, for those of you who missed any of it. That way you don't have to flip through endless blogs.
I'm currently working on a new book called, The Mirror. I usually have a hard time with titles but this one I already know and I have only 7 pages! :) Anyway, it's a fantasy romance. I'm really excited about it, but a little scared, so I won't share it with you right away. Just be pleased to know that a girl finds a mirror that transports her to another world! :) And the guy is HOT!
Since the Wednesday Romances have been so widely enjoyed, the next story I will post is one I wrote several years ago. The chapters are longer and there are more of them. This is one of my favorite stories, I don't know why. If you want a sneak peak before Wednesday, there's a blurb on my web site. It's The Tiger, Unleashed. (Maybe I just like the title!) So go take a look!
Then I have another one planned for November and December! A Christmasy one! So see, we now have no choice but to have Wednesday Romances through the end of the year. After that..., Well, we'll negotiate that later. For the time being, I hope you enjoy what's to come!

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