Tuesday, December 1, 2009


And the winner of the novel
by Robin McKinley
Elizabeth Morgan!
Elizabeth, please send your mailing address to rachelrager(dot)romance(at)gmail(dot)com

~ Make sure to check back later this week as I will post a new contest and I will post an interview with the lovely Rebbecca Talley!

Now, I know you're all wondering what my favorite Thanksgiving memory is. Well, growing up, I had both sets of grandparents who lived in town so we were always with family for the holiday. But one year, and I don't remember how old I was, maybe 12 or 13, we decided to do Thanksgiving on our own as a family. Just my parents and my brother and sister and me. Dinner was scheduled for probably about 4 pm. And at 4, everything was ready. We had mashed potatoes, yams (probably - yuck) cranberry salad, green salad, rolls, pies (which are the best part of Thanksgiving, especially if it's lemon!), green bean casserole. We had it all!! And it was perfect! Except, the turkey was still quite raw. Yes, it was at around 2 or 3 that we discovered there was a short on the turkey oven and that the turkey wasn't cooking. So we played games and munched on the veggie tray and crackers with cheese! and kept checking on the turkey, waiting for it to be done! When we did finally eat, at 8 or so (which was VERY late for us) we had to reheat everything else!! And let me tell you, mashed potatoes are much better fresh! What a disastrous day! But to this day, it is the Thanksgiving my siblings and I remember and treasure the most!

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