Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December's Contest

The Contest for December

I LOVE this movie!!! I chose this because 1) I LOVE Sandra Bullock! 2) This is a MUST SEE Christmas movie for me 3) My birthday falls in December and so I wanted to give you something I LOVE and 4) Because shortly after this first came out, my friend and I stayed up ALL NIGHT watching it over and over!! (We had a slight crush on Bill Pullman!) But I simply love this movie and wanted to share.

So, contest rules. Email or talk to five of your friends or family and mention my book, By Love or By Sea. Have them e-mail me rachelrager(dot)romance(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know that you talked to them. And leave me a comment or email me, telling me who you talked to. As soon as I receive a confirmation for the five, you're entered! If you talk to more people, let me know and you can enter more than once!!! (And if you already have it because you know how AMAZING it is, it makes a great gift!) How fun! Because of all the holidays, the contest this month will be shorter. The deadline is December 20th.

Happy Kisses!


Jewel's Gems said...

I love that movie, too! I watch it every Christmas and a couple of times in between:-)

Cindy K. Green said...

Hey Rachel,
This a must watch film for my sisters and me each Christmas. Great choice!

Kaylee said...

My all-time favorite movie!!

Rachel Rager said...

I'm so glad so many love this movie! I hope you will share this contest with your friends!