Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Foolish Dreamer

So I just finished doing some editing on one of my stories and I have to say...I am amazing!!! Okay, that's my gloating for the day. But I was reading through it and was simply amazed that I had written it! You've read those books that you just think about for long after you read them, well, this story - regardless of the fact that I wrote it - is like that for me. Here's a little excerpt that's not on my website!!

“How good of you to come, Mr. Alan.”
“I’m every so sorry to disturb ya, Miss Lewis. But yar sister, here, assured me it would be alright.”
“Of course. Come in, sir.”
“How are ya feelin’ then, lass?”
“Fine, thank you.”
“Then, ye have not suffered from any permanent damage?”
“No,” she said, smiling at his concern on her behalf. “How did you learn of my kidnapping?”
“Word gets around, lass.”
“Oh,” she said. The thought that the entire city knew of her misfortune was most depressing.
Mr. Alan chuckled at her obvious despair. “I doubt everyone knows of it,” he said. “Although, I heard Lord Bennett was in a fit o’ rage at yar quittin’ Bennett Castle before you were quite well enough to do so.”
“That is highly unlikely, Mr. Alan. I don’t think Lord Bennett has ever been enraged in his entire life. He is such a patient soul. Not to mention, he would not care one wit about a nobody such as me. But thank you for trying to make me feel better,” Dalia said with a strained laugh. How she wished it were true. How she wished Lord Sterling Bennett saw her as a woman worth pursuing instead of a charity project.
“Are ya truly well then, lass?”
“I am, thank you,” she said, smiling at her friend. Worry etched his face making him appear older than the last time she saw him.
For a moment, when he had uttered his words, she fancied that his accent had lessened a bit. Looking deeply into his face, she saw it had changed but the change was so sudden and so minute that she couldn’t identify it. Still, she could tell he grew uncomfortable under her scrutiny and she softened her face into a smile.
“Tell me, lass. What happened that landed ya in such a frightenin’ predicament?”
“I don’t know, really. I was going home later than normal when I heard voices in the woods. Then I was accosted by several undesirables.”
He nodded. “And did ya know any o’ them?”
“No. But one sounded almost familiar. He sounded kind of like…” The horror struck her as she gazed at her companion. The man with the familiar voice had sounded very much like Mr. Alan. Was it possible she was still in danger? Yet she did not feel in any danger and looking at him told her that he was not the same man.
“What, lass?”
She shook her head. “It’s impossible. Just my imagination. Forget I said anything.”
He looked at her with skepticism. “Have ye told any o’ this to Lord Bennett?”
“Mostly,” she said with a single nod of her head.
His calculating look unnerved her and she looked away. “Ye should not fear Lord Bennett. He is a good man.”
“Oh, I know.”
“Then why didn’t ya tell him more completely? Do ya not trust him?”
She laughed.
“I think ya need to tell ‘im, lass.”
She looked at him in horror but he simply gave her a sad smile.
“I should go,” he mumbled. He took her hand and lifted it to his lips in a gentle manner. “I pray yar health will return swiftly,” he said as he rose and walked to the door.
“Mr. Alan,” she said, stalling him. “Is it really true what they say? About Lord Bennett, I mean.”
“Aye, lass,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “I do believe ye have captured his eye.”
Dalia swallowed. “And…and this is the talk around the town?”
“Aye. What’s the problem in that, lass? Surely every young woman would long to capture his attention.”
“I know, it’s just that…” How could she possibly tell him of both the joy and horror she felt at his revelation? “Even if it were true…”
“Why would it not be true?”
“Because the lord of the castle would never look at a creature like me,” she said with disgust. “Besides, there are certain people in this town who will make my life miserable if it were true.”
“But why?”
Dalia let out a strange laugh. “If I knew, I’d fix it. But let’s say that recently I was informed that if I so much as looked at him…” She trailed off, thinking of Eleanora’s threat.
“What, lass?”
Dalia paused. Should she share such things with this man? He was still such a new acquaintance.
“What is it, lass?”
Dalia shook her head. “If I do, it will not go well for me. Of that I am certain.”
Mr. Alan smiled sympathetically at her. “Is that why ya quit Bennett Castle?”
Dalia nodded and Mr. Alan smiled.
“Don’t be so hard on yarself, lass. It’ll all work out. Ye’ll see.”
“Thank you for stopping by,” Dalia said with a smile before the man left by way of the front door.


Dean Lorimer said...

Don't worry; you amaze all of us as well. Seriously, I am so proud of you for following your dreams and making them happen. I am so excited for your book. I keep bragging about my author sister to my friends. You had better sign my copy! :) This new one looks great.

Dean Lorimer said...

Wow, the cover art for the new book is beautiful! I love it!

Rachel Rossano said...

Well done! :) Yes, now I am curious about what goes on in the rest of this story. :)