Monday, October 27, 2008

Altering Dresses

I have had a busy girl this weekend! My husband works with a gal who's two little girls (22 month old twins) are going to be in a wedding the first of November. Apparently, they got the dresses big because they were purchased some time ago and they thought the girl would grow. And they did, but not enough to fit into the long dresses. (I really should have gotten a before pictures too.) But now, they found themselves in a crunch because no one would alter the dresses in so little time. So my husband told me about it, and the softy that I am, I volunteered. However, this was BEFORE I saw the dresses! Now I have done my share of sewing and I enjoy it, but I have never done much altering and have certainly never altered ANYTHING OF THIS CALIBER!!!
But I said I'd do it, so I gave it a shot. I won't lie, it was a challenge! I had to take off 4 and 5 inches off the dresses. The gathering of the bows was intense and I had to remove two per dress and then had to reapply one per dress. That was tricky. And then getting it to hang right and look good was another challenge. But, I think I finally mastered it. Then tonight, the girls tried on the dresses and kept tripping. So I took a little more off the front so I hope that helps. The gal wants these to be the girls' Christmas dresses too. And I hope they last that long. I think they will make it through the wedding, but they may not make it through the reception. These dresses nearly touch the floor and her girls are a handful and full of energy.
But they are gorgeous dresses! And you can't even tell they've been altered!! That means I did a good job!! Hip, hip, hooray!!!

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