Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Cars?

Today I saw an old man driving a car that was much too little for any person – let alone a grown man – to be driving. It was one of those European looking cars that appears to have been put through a car press. Strangely enough, the man seemed to fit into the car, though he didn’t appear to be squeezed in with any sort of comfort. When I say he was old, I simply mean that he sported a full head of white hair, had lines on his face that could easily hide a couple days worth of dust in the dessert, and he hunched over in his seat, if only slightly (however, I suppose that may have been due to the size of the vehicle.).
My first thought as I saw him drive down the road was, “That’s a funny little car.” This was followed closely by, “He doesn’t even fit,” and, “I wonder who the shmuck was who conned him into buying such a ridiculous mode of transportation.”
Now before you regale me with concerns, please keep in mind that I live in Wyoming. We are a meat and potato kind of people. Very few of us know what brochette is let alone have ever tried it. Also, keep in mind that I live in the windiest part of the world imaginable. (Ask anyone who’s ever been here.) If the wind isn’t blowing at least 20 mph, you probably haven’t woken up from whatever drug enhanced sleep you’re in. And usually it’s blowing much harder!
Beside’s that major concern (and yes, I am concerned because it looked like he would either blow over at any moment, or that someone would squish him like a bug.) And he did look like a little bug on the road. He has this little bitty car and everyone else is driving half ton diesels or big SUV’s. If he were to be in an accident in that little thing, there’s no way he could walk away undamaged.
While I’m sure they are more environmentally friendly, I wonder what kind of sales tactics the salesman must have used on the man. Not only that, did the man know any better and the salesman simply took advantage of him? Either way, I’m kind of grumpy about it. This is not the sort of car that older men around here drive. I don’t care where they are from. Most of them like something reliable, comfortable, and durable.
So the question is still haunting me, why does this man have this little car?
Maybe he’s really a white-haired 20 year old.

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