Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Romance

This is my last week working at this job and next week I start a different one, so I'm hoping that will give me more time to write. We'll see! :)
I am currently reading Wuthering Heights for my book club this month. Strangely enough, I've never read it before, though I know the basic story. I've also never seen the movie. Any of them! So, I'm part way through the book, and while my husband is out of town, I'm going to watch the movie. I'm excited to see how similar or dissimilar they are from each other.
I found this clip/summary online and really enjoyed it. It made me really excited to see the movie. I'm really hoping that I like Cathy more in the movie, because on the page she isn't my favorite. I won't tell you what I think, but it's not favorable!
Anyway, for this week's Wednesday Romance, I hope you will enjoy this! I hope it will give you your weekly fix of romance like it has done for me! :)

Love and Laughter!

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