Monday, May 16, 2011

Pemberly Shades Review

I just finished reading Pemberly Shades by D. A. Bonavia-Hunt. I don't always like everything I read. (Hard to believe, I know.) And I often read things I don't write reviews for. (I sometimes read romances for research purposes and choose not to write reviews on my blog for books that are not clean.) While this isn't strictly a romance, it is clean and there are possible romances.

Back Cover

Originally published in 1949, the unusual plot takes the Darcys into the realm of the Gothic.

Mr. Darcy must appoint a new rector at Pemberley, which affords the author the opportunity to introduce a host of new characters to mingle with the beloved and familiar ones of Jane Austen.

A delightfully witty plot, full of surprises:

"Who could have foretold that Dr. Robinson, who had done nothing of note in all his lifetime should, by the common and natural act of dying, set in motion a train of events so strange, so startling, so far removed from probability as to emulate the riotous fancies of a disordered mind?"
"The kind of story Jane Austen would have delighted to tell."
-J. Donald Adams

What readers are saying:

"Really a great book and captures Austen's characters quite well. I was excessively diverted."
"A very original plot."
"A wonderful addition to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice sequels!"

My Take

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads.

I was eager to read this book. I was curious to see what happened to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. While this story was interesting in its own right, it was very difficult to get into. It moved slowly. And though easier to read than Pride and Prejudice, it felt like I was being talked at as opposed to enjoying the ride along with the characters. I wish there had been more dialogue as those sections moved quickly and were far more enjoyable to read.

If you are curious about what may have happened to Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy you may enjoy this. It wasn't a bad book, I just don't LOVE books I can't get into.

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