Friday, March 25, 2011

Let There Be...Light!

This post contains many
tid bits about me that
no one really cares about!!

I love and need light in my life!! Not just table lamps, but windows too!! I don't know what it is, but I need to be able to see what's going on! (The only time darkness is okay is during a movie and my eyes are trained on the light screen, or when I'm sleeping.)
I remember when my parents built their house, years ago, I wanted lots of windows in my bedroom. I got a nice big one and a window on my door that led to my balcony (VERY COOL - I know). Anyway, since my room was on the east side of the house, it only got early morning sunlight. That was great in the morning but not so great in the afternoon. (I'd say it kept my room cooler, but my room was upstairs, and with central air, that's not so much of an argument.) I often found myself wandering through my sister's room just to get my light fix. (Our rooms adjoined through the closet and bathroom.) (No, dearest sister, I did not spend time in your room when you were gone. I just passed through.)
Anyway, this obsession of mine has carried me through the years. My previous house, my desk and computer were set up downstairs in the basement where it had one TINY window. And a basement window at that, not an egress window! I had tree lights downstairs and table lamps, but I still felt like I was in a dungeon. (Of course when they listed our house to be sold, they said the house had a bomb shelter!! I used it as a storage room. It was long and skinny, made out of cinder blocks, under the front porch!) Naturally I kept my laptop on my kitchen table, which over looked the backyard through a window that was as five feet square!
Now, my office gets great light in the afternoon!! (However there's a strange glare on my computer in the evenings and I still use a tree light and table lamp in the mornings.) I spend much of my time in my office because most of the other windows in my house (except for the bedrooms) are on the east side of the house. (Great view, and nice for heating purposes, but not if you're a light freak!)
Okay, so now that I have a great window in my office, I need to decorate! The walls are a grayish white that show everything and are blah! I love color as well as light! And I NEED color!
I've been through many phases of colors I think I enjoy. When I was young, I had white walls with a stripe, flower wallpaper and mauve carpet. Later, when my parents built, the walls were white and the carpet was navy blue. (I LOVED that carpet but it showed EVERYTHING!)Now, I tend to like earth tones, but I think the most soothing color to me is sage green. As a general rule, that is not my favorite color, but on a wall, it has a strange way of soothing me.
So what did we learn today?
For Rachel, it's all about the color AND the light!! If I don't have light and color, I can't relax. If I can't relax, I can't write. If I can't write, I don't publish books and you don't like me! :) Okay, well, at least you are less likely to stalk me! So.... Off to look at decorating ideas!


Dean Lorimer said...

Agree. And a thousand times agree!

Rachel Rager said...

Yes, but do you recognize the title?