Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just so you know

As you can tell, I've given my blog a face lift! I hope it makes things easier to read, see, find, etc. :)
Just so you know, the tabs at the top are book info. only! If you are reading the weekly Wednesday Romances, you will still find them in the body of the blog or on old posts. The tabs do not contain the entire WR story, just an exerpt. (*shrug* Advertising, you know.)

Also, you may notice that you cannot access all of the old WR stories, just the first few chapters. That, too, is on purpose. If you'd like to read more, you'll have to follow the links on the tab pages at the top. Now, if you've missed WR in the past, you can go to smashwords and download the entire thing as an ebook!

So lots of changes! All good!

Also, if you want to jump ahead, A Season for Love is available in its entirety as an ebook. Just follow the link on either the picture on the side or the tab on the top! Wednesday Romances, the ebook and The Feather Kiss are also available in ebook!

Happy Kisses!

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