Monday, July 19, 2010


I can't remember if I've mentioned the new novel I'm working on. So far, it has been loads of fun. It's a fantasy romance and I'm thrilled with it! My wall is covered in an outline, my computer is full of notes, brainstorms, dictionaries of words of the world, and interviews. And the adventure is keeping me up late at nights! I'm currently working on a problem. There are two mirrors, one magic, one not. However, the one only works if the other is in use. The mirror works in a variety of ways but I'm struggling with finding the reason why it works. I don't really expect you to have the answers, I just thought I'd share what I'm working on.
Just for fun, here's one of the words from my 'new' dictionary.

Fira - Fire that is green at the base with purple flames and blue tips. It's made from cocoalic wood, produces no heat but creates such a strong odor as to keep away dragons.

Happy Kisses!


Jaimey Grant said...

Sounds like a great world you're building! Aren't fantasy worlds the best fun?

Dragons? Are they good dragons or bad dragons? Both?

As for the mirror, are you looking for a "magical" reason it works or a "scientific" reason?

I'm really excited for you, Rachel. It's always exciting to venture into new writing territory. Have fun!

Rachel Rager said...

The dragons are mostly bad but there may be a few good ones I haven't discovered yet. :)
The mirror, I don't know what reason I'm looking for. I always feel like it's almost there and then slips away. Ugh! So annoying!