Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Apparently, I'm terrible at blogging! I can't seem to keep up! Before I moved, I seemed to have plenty of time for blogging. Now, I don't have any. I have no more obligations, yet, I'm having trouble keeping up. (shrug)
Today I'm getting a haircut. We'll see how it goes. There are times I go really short, (which, evidently, my husband isn't as fond of). I almost always do something different every time I get my haircut. Today, I'm thinking about getting a trim, because I'm enjoying the length (although I have sensitive skin and every time it brushes my arm, I think I'm being attacked by some crawling insect). Last time I had some swoopy bangs and layers. I don't know if I'll keep them or not. I have this terrible curl that is only in the back. It used to be completely straight until I had children. With each girl, my hair got more and more curly. However, the front is still stick straight, so I can't just leave it curly. Maybe I should get a body perm. Hmmmm. Choices. Well, I guess I'll find out what I do when I'm done!
Sorry for the rambling. I'm seeing a new hairdresser and am a little nervous. I just want a good cut, and it's always a bit nerve racking to go to someone new. :)
Check in tomorrow for my Wednesday Romance part 4!

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