Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Topics and Ideas

I like to talk. I like to write! But it seems like I can't ever come up with something intelligent to say on my blog!
So, I propose this. I need some ideas to blog about.
What are some things you'd like to read about? What are things you'd like to hear me ramble or grumble about? What do you want to know about me?
Here's your chance! Don't let me down! :) Help me come up with a topic to write on. And I can guarantee that I'll have something to say!


Elizabeth Morgan said...

I was wondering what inspires you to write or where you go to find your ideas.

Rachel Rager said...

Oooh! That's a good one! I'll get thinking on that right away! Thanks! :)

Olivia Carter said...

I was going to say I want to hear about your basic writing process/schedule and advice for writing. That sort of thing :)

GardinerGang said...

I want to know if you have ever experienced any fear or doubt in your writing ability, and if so, how did you overcome it. For me, that is my biggest stumbling block.

Rachel Rager said...

You girls have great ideas! The thoughts are alread rolling around! :)