Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas for the First Time

This is such a crazy time of year! There's shopping and family and activities. Sometimes there seems like very little time to do much besides move from one event to another. And while that is enjoyable at times, it's not always realistic. My favorite thing to do this time of year is to sit down in front of my fire place with a mug of my homemade hot chocolate, have all the lights turned off, except for the Christmas lights, and listen to Christmas music. (Of course, this only works after my children have gone to bed and the house is quiet.) I absolutely adore Christmas music. And as I was directing my church choir yesterday, I had them close their eyes as I read them this song we are singing for our Christmas program. So here are the words, I hope it helps you think about what this season is about.

Though years of holidays I'm recalling,
Though each year a bright tree stood tall
And outside the snow was always falling,
Still it wasn't Christmas at all.

I had always heard the story
How our Lord on earth came to dwell,
But I had never felt the glory
In my soul begin to swell.

But it's as if I too now stand
Close enough to touch His tiny hand;
I can feel and see and hear
the chill, the star and the angels near.

I can almost see His mother,
How she loves her Babe so small;
Tiny, weak, yet still a Savior,
This little King will save us all!

And I am nearly kneeling there by the manger,
Somehow feeling no more a stranger.
Peace on earth, good will to men;
I know what that means again.

For I can see him at Calvary;
He, this tiny little Baby, would die for me.

And it's as if it's all here beside me,
All as real as if somehow I'm a part.
For the first time Christmas is inside me,
for this time Jesus is born in my heart.

Now I too am born this Christmas day,
And His child I shall be forever.

May your holiday season be bright and full of good cheer! With lots of hot chocolate and sparkly Christmas lights!!

(Words to the song of Christmas for the First Time - words and music by Eileen Habenicht Snow.)

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