Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Clip-it

For the past couple months, we have been fixing up our new house, moving, and fixing it up more. In fact we have a long way to go. But I have been trying to write when I get a free moment. However, as a result, I am not blogging or networking much. There's just not enough time in my day. But I have been working on things. So I thought you might like to hear from me and get a sample of something I'm working on. I hope you enjoy it!

Morgyn placed a glass of something in front of her, causing her to lift her head from the table. Steam rose form it like smoke, producing a combined smell of cinnamon and garlic. Her nose scrunched and her eyes watered.
“No, thank you.” She turned her head and laid it back on her arms.
“Drink. It will help you feel better.” He pushed the offensive drink in her face again.
She sat up. “I’m not drinking that.”
“It’s not as bad as it smells.”
She quirked a delicate eyebrow up in a daring fashion, and he had the decency to duck his head.
“It will help you feel better,” he mumbled, and turned to rummage through the glass bottles on his bookshelf. “Just plug your nose and down it.”
She contemplated the glass, like a may grow arms and attack her. Shaking herself of such a ridiculous thought, she threw her shoulders back and slowly extended her hand until it clasped around the cup. If felt surprisingly light for a full glass of something so vial.
Before the offensive odor could affect her, she plugged her nose with her free hand and swiftly drank the contents. The liquid slid over her throat like warm silk. When she placed the glass back on the table, gasping, she released her nose with surprise as only the lingering taste of cinnamon remained in her mouth.
Slowly, her body relaxed enough that she could analyze the situation.
“Why was Rettick killed?” Though she spoke the question out loud, she didn’t expect an answer. “He has always been so dominating in fights. I never thought anything could bring him down.”
“Did the Commander give any indication that Rettick had been ill?”
She shook her head. “He must have been surprised when he opened the carriage door.”
“But if he opened the door, surely the conveyance would have been stopped. And if they were in the forest, he would have been suspicious and opened the door with great care. He would not have been surprised if a bandit stood waiting for him on the other side.”
“You’re right. He would have put up a fight.”
“Rettick may have been attacked, but I doubt he was attacked in the manner the Commander stated.”
“But Cornelius said he was rendered unconscious.”
“But he also said he saw his son attacked.”
In an instant, something Cornelius said while she listened outside the door to his office struck her. “Something I overheard him tell Vidal was that someone would be fine and learn his own insignificance. Could they have been speaking of Rettick?”
Morgyn shrugged, a strange twinkle in his eye.
“I’m going to look for him.”
“Who? Rettick?”
“He may still be alive.” She marched to the door.
Morgyn stopped her. “He won’t be where they were attacked. His body, dead or alive, will have been moved.”
“Yes, but there will be tracks to follow. I will find him. I have to find him. I am the only one who knows he’s still alive.”
Morgan lifted an eyebrow, much as she had earlier. “Besides the Commander and his brother.”
She threw him a silencing glare. “I am his only ally.”

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