Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are 150-year-old Men Good Looking?

I haven't given up on this blog. I promise! I've been cooking! I've been reading! I've been napping! I've been editing! I've been chasing children! I've been researching! I've been catching up from being gone all weekend! I've been diagramming my new book! I've been sewing! I've been coming up with more excuses to use for this blog!
Yes, I really have done a little of all those things and probably many more. You'll notice I didn't say I'd been cleaning! LOL! (That's probably my least favorite thing to do. Though, I've been hounding my girls to clean, which kind of counts, since I have to stand there and tell them what needs put away and where it goes!)
Anyway, I submitted Sweet Ivy to CFI last week before my conference, so we'll see what that brings. While I'm waiting, I'm working on another book. I wrote this two years ago as a Christmas gift for two good friends. NO ONE ELSE HAS READ IT!
I've been trying to write it for years and it literally scares the snot out of me! Why? Because it's a historical romance! Ach! I decided that I lived in very close proximity to Fort Caspar in Wyoming and it would be silly not to at least try to write something there. So why did it take so long to write, because I'm scared! I take quite a few liberties to make the 'romance' work. And why would I want to write a historical book without romance? Why is that even a question?
So, I wrote the book and took the first couple pages to my conference to have critiqued. I was VERY encouraged by the comments I received. Now I've been doing additional research to make sure the IMPORTANT things are 100% accurate. The last thing I need is some history whiz telling me that my facts are wrong.
In one of the books I was looking through today, I came across some pictures. I LOVE old-timey pictures! And the fact that these are people I'm writing about, is cool. It's fun to see their pictures and realize they were real people. I get to give them life (sort of). (We won't go into the whole reincarnation thing.) So, I thought I'd share my findings with you. Oh, just so you don't get confused, before Caspar Collins was killed and Fort Caspar was named for him, it was called Platte Bridge Station.

These pictures are found in the book Circle of Fire: The Indian War of 1865 by John D. McDermott.
So you tell me. Are these men romantic material? Would you date them? (The hero is a figment of my imagination and he is GORGEOUS! His name is Sergeant Parker Brackston! Don't you just love it?!)
Keep checking back, as I'll be updating you with progress on this book!


Elizabeth Morgan said...

I like the pictures that are closer up. They definitely look like wonderful material for your writing.

Rachel Rager said...

I was pretty excited to find them!