Thursday, March 17, 2011

12 Authors 2 Book Events!

I ran into this today. If you live in the Tucson, Arizona area, you might be interested in this on Saturday, March 19, 1011!!

Latter Day Cottage on 7012 E. Broadway in Tucson opens 10:00 AM thru 6:00 PM.

Kerry Blair, Kaylee Baldwin, and Joan Sowards will sign between 10:00 AM to approx. 2:00 PM.
Joyce DiPastena, Cindy Williams, Donna Hatch and Margaret Turley will sign from approx.
2:30 pm until closing.

Writers Unite to Fight Cancer members who will sign at Speedway Bookmans include:

10:00 AM until Noon Carroll Morris, and Margaret Turley.

Noon until 2:00 PM Joyce DiPastena, Cindy Williams, Donna Hatch

They are donating $1.00 from each book sold at this event to the American Association for Cancer Research .

These locations are less that 2 miles apart. They'd love to see anoyone that lives in this area or are in Tucson for the weekend. For more information check out Margaret Turley's blog post.


Jolene Perry said...

Wish I lived closer!!
I'm sure you guys will have a blast :)

Rachel Rager said...

I know! I wish I lived closer and could go too!!

Kaylee Baldwin said...

Thanks for posting this! This will be my first book signing, so I'm really excited.