Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Romance

For this week, my writing time was cut short. So, instead of an original Wednesday Romance (aka Chapter 8 of Perfectly Imperfect) I have chosen to share with you a little of Jane Austin. Or rather, a couple scenes from the movie, Becoming Jane.

I don't think this is the best movie ever made, and I know it is not necessarily an accurate film depicting Jane Austin's life. However, it is an enjoyable flick! And it always makes me tear up at the end. Don't ask me why. Some of you will note that making me cry is not an easy thing to do. And even when I do cry, few people know about it. (And I hate it when I do it in front of others.) But this movie always inspires a tear or two. I think its the last scene that does it. It's just so sweet.

Not only does this movie make me cry, but I always feel inspired after I watch it. I love the romance, of course, but this makes me want to throw myself into writing! Do you ever encounter things that just make you feel motivated or inspired to do something? Some books will do that for me and sometimes movies. For whatever reason, I must relate enough to this movie that it inspires me. Or maybe I just like the story. (shrug)

Anyway, I hope you will forgive me my short comings this week and enjoy these clips! :)

Tell me what kinds of things inspire you?

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