Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love cake! In fact, it tastes the best fresh out of the pan! But I also love to look at gorgeous cakes. And I was wondering, if someone were to create a cake of By Love or By Sea, what would it look like? I found a pretty good one at Heavenly Delight Cakes. Still, it's not quite a match. Instead of a starfish on top, I really need Alice and Caleb. And maybe not so many shells but different objects to illustrate various parts of the story. Any ideas?
Does anyone around here decorate cakes? (I can bake them but I'm not a decorator.) I wonder if someone could make a cake based on By Love or By Sea. Wouldn't that be a neat looking cake? Can anyone find or make a better cake to fit the book? Or just tell me what you think the best idea for a cake would be? (Just for fun, of course. I'm curious!)

*One of my favorite blogs is the cakewrecks blog. Check it out and laugh!


Elizabeth Morgan said...

You could put precious moments figurines on the top as the main characters. They put them on top of wedding cakes alot.I really like the cake picture you have.

Rachel Rager said...

That's a good idea, Elizabeth! I love Precious Moments! I have many at my house!